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Working as a graphic designer, art director, webmaster, marketing professional, and amateur photographer I am a tireless believer in the power of imagination.

Acting as the creative link between organizations and their various stakeholders I imagine, suggest, motivate, craft, and engage people every day. I help digitally minded companies to empower their audiences by providing useable and useful information that will create demand and bring lasting value to the client.

Understanding that each business is unique with different needs allows me to offer a variety of services including web design, print, multimedia, social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing. Producing effective and engaging results in today’s increasingly complex, cross-channel, consumer driven world isn’t easy but I strive to always accomplish the best solution on time and in budget while still having a great time doing it.

I hope you enjoyed viewing my portfolio.

Nancy Martineau

Email n.martineau@att.net

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